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hippo mouth.jpg

Open Wide
Large Hippopotamus opens his mouth to warn off another male entering his area of the river. Image photographed in the Chobe River, North East Botswana.

African Lion.jpg

Snarling Lion
Large male Lion opens his mouth towards his surrounding females to get the understanding of which individual is on heat, Chobe National Park, Botswana.

charging bull elephant etosha.jpg

Ghost Bull Elephant of Etosha

Set in the heart of Northern Namibia in Etosha National Park, I get to follow one individual through the high grasses of the flat plains bordering the vast salt pan of tghis national park. As the sun set the light becomes perfect to lighten the skin in a subtle manner. After the photograph was taken, we followed the bull to a nearby waterhole where the individual spent meny hours drinking and covering himself in white clay that gives his name "The Ghost Elephant". 

On The Hunt

Lone female Lioness on the hunt in Etosha National Park, Namibia. This lioness was patiently watched from a distance as she was calmly overlooking the flatlands in search for a meal. After a while, she slowly got up and took a drink and began to turn towards the herd of Springbok in the distance.

As she came towards my truck, I was able to get low to get this shot. With a Canon EF 500mm F4L IS II USM Lens on an R5 Body, I was able to capture this shot to obtain a an 4f background allowing the subject to float freely in the space. After the shot, she stealthily made her way towards the tall grass to the start of her hunt.  

lion on the hunt.jpg
lions of botswana.jpg

The Great Yawn
Dark and dramatic side shot of a graceful Lioness showing off her impressive canines to the surrounding predators in the surrounding area. Photo taken in the Chobe National Park, Botswana. 

African wildlife prints.jpg

Eye to Eye
Dramatic headshot take on this large male Lion of Chobe National Park, Botswana. Notice his many battle wounds on his face from other males including his eye wound almost costing him his sight.

zebras at a waterhole.jpg

The Gathering

Located in the North of Namibia, this rocky and barren area of is home to Etosha National Park. This national park is home to some of Africa's most unique waterholes that bring a vast amount of thirst wildlife together. 

As you can see this image was taken when a large herd of Burchell's Zebra made its way to this waterhole to drink. I was able to capture the vast amount of dust in the air that created a ghost like effect over this chaotic orchestra of stripes. As Etosha brings a lack of colour to any photograph taken due to the salt pan that makes this national park, this image almost immerses itself into the black and white wildlife category.

African Elephant uganda.jpg

An African Giant
Large Bull photographed in the Kasenyi sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, West Uganda. This dark and dramatic shot brings you the hard and unseen life of this walking giant.

Hippo fight.jpg

Battle of the Hippopotamus

Two large male hippo's fight over territory in the shallow waters of River Ishasha, Uganda. These two males fought for many long photographic minutes where teeth and muscle become one. 

What makes this shot most interesting is the connection of these two males that are joined by their artistically structured saliva, bringing motion to a single frame. The actual shot was taken to fully capyure the idividual on the left nicely as he was defending his pod. The rival male was positioned to be coming into the frame where there was partial cropping.       

african lion etosha.jpg

The Predator
Young male Lion photographed in the harsh and dry grasses of Etosha National Park, North Namibia during the dry season where the surroundings lack in colour and contrast making each photograph unique.

hippo portrait.jpg

Hippopotamus Close Up
Diving close to the magnificent Hippopotamus, this photograph was taken in the plains West of Uganda as this individual was making its way through Lion territory to a near by lake. 

Birchell's Zebras


Photographed drinking the clear waters of Etosha National Park, Namibia. This dry and harsh land is home to many species of wildlife that struggle to survive here. This herd of Zebra regularly visit this waterhole in large numbers, creating a mirrored reflection.  

etosha waterholes.jpg
black rhino.jpg

All Ears!
The magnificent Black Rhinoceros photographed in the dry and baren lands of Etosha National Park, North of Namibia. This young individual was followed by by myself and the lens for many days where my camera formed a rather strong bond with one another.  

hippo chobe river.jpg

Face to Face
Large Hippopotamus looks up at the camera after grazing the banks of the Chobe River located in the very north of Botswana. Just after the shot was taken, this well lit male charged towards me and dove into the water beside us, almost capsizing our boat. 


Hippopotamus, The Stare
Watching these prehistoric giants roam the river banks, I cant help but photograph their obscure and human like attitudes with one an other. Photographed in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.


Hippopotamus, The Yawn
After a long day lying in the sun, this large group spent a long period of time rustling and opening their jaws to one another before returning to the water. Photographed in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda..

Baboon 1.jpg

Olive Baboon Portrait
Close and personal portrait with this rather placid but yet hungry primate photographed in Kibale National Park, West Uganda.


Shoebill Stork
Side shot of the magnificent shoebill, photographed in the Mabamba swamp located west of Entebbe, South West of Uganda.

hippo fight.jpg

The Great Yawn
Large male Hippo emerges out of the Chobe River in front of my lens. With a subtle F4, this individual projects strongly in the frame making it a highly powerful piece that represents its untamed nature.

African Elephant, Uganda.jpg

African Elephant
Large bull elephant photographed roaming the grassy and empty plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park, West Uganda.

Spotted Hyena, Etosha, Namibia - Mark A Fernley

Spotted Hyena
Close and personal portrait of the iconic African scavenger. Image photographed in the vast and harsh desert of Etosha National Park, North Namibia.


Black Rhinoceros
Facing the hard environments of North Namibia, this Rhino with a stunning set of horns was photographed making its way slowly to a nearby waterhole. Photograph taken in Etosha National Park.


The Hippopotamus
Large individual slowly makes its way through the shallow waters of the Ishasha River, photographed in the Congo DRC.

Cape Buffalo

As the mud dries under the harsh African sun, I could not help but capture this interesting individual as he made his way through the dry plains. Photograph taken in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

cape buffalo.jpg

Gemsbok Herd
Facing the hard environments of North Namibia, this herd wonder the desolate lands. I continue to question their means of survival. Image taken in Etosha National Park, Namibia. 


Elephant Herd

Photographed in Queen Elizabeth National Park, this herd of African Elephants were spotted moving through the grassy hills in Uganda. From their social interactions, I could not help but capture their behaviour to frame.  

Male African Elephant 1.jpg

Lone Bull of Etosha
Lone Ghost Elephant bull photographed on in the open plains bordering the salt pan of Etosha. This image brings you the isolated and harsh surroundings that these magnificent animals have to face. 

Before the Fight

In the dangerous waters of Chobe River, Chobe National Park, a far from relaxed male Hippo begins to get agitated with his pod as the sun begins to set over Botswana. As i get closer on my boat, I begin to capture images of the head to best capture its unique structure in this dark lighting that a nearby storm had to offer.  

hippo photography 1.jpg
Hippo mouth congo.jpg

Hippopotamus, The Awakening
Large individual emerges from the unknown, making a prominent appearance. Image taken on the Ishasha River, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. 

On Alert, Black Rhino, Namibia - Mark A Fernley

The Encounter
Face to face with Black Rhino spotted walking through the bush west of Etosha National Park, Namibia. This individual was framed to embrace its natural surroundings of the Acacia bushes. 

Young Lion, Etosha, Namibia - Mark A Fernley

Inquisitive Lion
Eye to eye with a hungry cat. This large cub was photographed as it emerged out of a drainage pipe along with its pride in Etosha National Park, Namibia. The shot was taken when the eyes of this lion came in contact with me.


Black Rhinoceros, The Rising Giant
Muddy and sleepy Rhino takes his leave after hours of wresting in a muddy puddle. Photograph taken in the heart of Etosha National Park, North Namibia.

fighting zebra.jpg

Fighting Stripes
Burchell's Zebra photographed fighting in the dry grasses of Etosha National park, Namibia. These two individuals were seen fighting near buy, bighting each other, kicking along with aggressive vocalisations to one another over the mating rites of their nearby females. The lens was able to capture a subtle motion from this quick fight in time.  

Desert Gireffe's of Purros, Namibia - Mark A Fernley

All Eyes
Desert Giraffe spotted wandering the barren lands of Damaraland, North West of Namibia. This photograph was taken to show their vast isolation where this herd almost seems lost in their own world.

Cape Fur Seals & Young - Mark A Fernley

Cape Fur Seals & Young


Adult Cape Fur Seals call in the sandy breeze surrounded by Seal Pups in their tens of thousands photographed at Cape Cross located on the West coast, Namibia.


The Open Pan
Mother and young Red Hartabeest photographed walking just outside of the great Pan of Etosha National Park located in the North of Namibia. 

African Lion Pride

After facing a battle with a large group of Hyena, this small pride of lions were photographed reuniting with one another. Image photographed in Etosha National Park, Namibia. 

Desert Lion Pride, Namibia - Mark A Fernley
Lone Desert Bull Elephant, Damaraland, Namibia - Mark A Fernley

The Desert Elephant
Large male African Elephant strolls the dry river of Purros in search for food! 
Photograph taken in Damaraland, Namibia.

Lone Hippo of Chobe, Botswana - Mark A Fernley

Hippo in the Grass
Large male photographed in the tall grass of the Okavango Delta located in Botswana. This young bull was seen racing through the vegetation after another Hippo before the shot was taken.

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