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L O N E   G I R A F F E

Giraffe, Print

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SIZE: 100cm x 81cm

PRINT TYPE: Giclee Fine Art Print - Canson Platine

FRAME TYPE: Classis Gallery Frame with Art Glass + Conservation Window Mount



Outside the great Pan of Etosha set in Northern Namibia, I was eager to photograph a lone Giraffe that I had kept my eye on for some time as my journey through this barren land of Northern Namibia progressed. I was eager to capture a photograph of this individual and express its lonely struggle. This would be done through a print of black and white. With this idea in mind, early one morning I set off in search for this individual. After many hours, I spotted him in the perfect location. He was walking the border of Etosha Pan. The empty space of this salt pan really enhanced the isolated emotion of this Giraffe. I got a bit closer to this individual and there this graceful animal stood. I positioned the Giraffe to the left of the frame capture the empty space. This space truly expressed the isolation that this Giraffe was submerged in. Although colour is an important role in African wildlife, a black and white view brings out the subject’s shape and form to dramatizes this scene. This brings the viewer an understanding of a large animals hardships in the African world.

This print is beautifully presented in a conservation window mount and outlined with a classic black gallery frame. Over this print is a sheet of art glass that protects the print but shows off the photograph’s full potential. Fernley has designed this print to bring an African feel to a modern home or empty space that requires light and emotion.

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