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Ghost Elephant, Print

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SIZE: 160cm x 126cm

PRINT TYPE: Perspex (Reverse) Face Mount 3mm Matt acrylic

FRAME TYPE: Tray Frame

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During a long afternoon drive through the harsh and barren lands of Etosha National Park, I heard rumours of a large bull elephant wandering the grasslands. I had immediately thought that this could be the one I had been looking for; potentially one of the largest bulls in the national park. I swiftly turned the truck around and after an extensively long search, I finally spotted the large male in the distance. My camera in hand, I slowly, anxiously started to approach the elephant. It was the one! I drove cautiously, as I know bulls can show aggression when on musth, but I soon realized there was nothing to worry about, as he was not. He showed no signs of territoriality, and it was like he didn’t even know I was there. Not bothered by me at all, we slowly made our way towards each other. I set up my camera gear and waited for the perfect opportunity. He continued to walk towards me, and this is when he stepped into the perfect lighting. His body was covered in white clay form the Etosha pan, making the creases in the skin appear increasingly darker. This natural contrast is something that you do not see very often, as “Ghost Elephants” can only be found in Etosha National Park, Namibia. This was the moment I had been waiting for. He was walking straight towards me, and this is when the sheer size of this bull really caught me by surprise. As he came closer and closer, he suddenly was towering over my vehicle.

Both prints (Face to Face) and (Walk of Wisdom) were taken within minutes of each other at the same location. There were two angles taken of this stunning animal that best represented its magnificence.

This extra-large black and white photograph, printed on acrylic brings an enormous amount of value to an empty space. The presence of the Elephant in this print has been created to bring its power and pride to the viewer. As this photograph hangs beautifully on a large wall, it will become a remarkable centre piece for any modern space. The acrylic print stands boldly and looks as if it is floating in a sleek tray frame.

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