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The Young Lion, Print

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SIZE: 85cm x 85cm

PRINT TYPE: Giclee Fine Art Print - Canson Platine

FRAME TYPE: Classis Gallery Frame with Art Glass + Conservation Window Mount

13 Black and white Lion Wall Art


When traveling through Northern Namibia, approaching Lions is something I personally love to encounter. As I sit there, around large prides of lions, I truly can’t help but capture images of their daily life that lingers over the dry and desolate plains of Africa.

Setting off early in the morning, I found myself driving on the dry dirt roads and away from the sunrise. I was on a mission to get a photograph of some of the African Lions that live the daily journey of survival in Northern Namibia. During the search, I came across many Spotted Hyena in the distance that caught my eye. I made my way towards them, and a large pride of Lions were retreating away from the rather active Hyena in the area. I began to focus my attention towards the younger lions of the pride who seemed to have more character towards their rivals. The Lions began to get closer to the vehicle where I was able to get in photographic range. At one point, one of the young lions glared at my camera making direct eye contact. I captured the image and left with a daunting head shot that I was wanting.

This print is beautifully presented in a conservation window mount and outlined with a classic black gallery frame. Over this print is a sheet of art glass that protects the print but shows off the photograph’s full potential. Fernley has created this print to bring an African feel to a modern home or empty space. The Lion in the print has been photographed to make a connection between the animal and the observer. The mesmerising glare from the eye accompanied with the monochrome style makes this wildlife print very effective as a centre piece for all rooms.

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