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Gemsbok, Print

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SIZE: 98cm x 70cm

PRINT TYPE: Giclee Fine Art Print - Canson Platine

FRAME TYPE: Classis Gallery Frame with Art Glass + Conservation Window Mount



As I was in the open area of Etosha National Park, Namibia, I was able to follow the edge of the magnificent Etosha Pan! This remarkable salt pan, large enough to be seen from space, is an area that most would not believe is hospitable for wildlife. During a long and hot drive along the edge of the pan, I began to question whether there was wildlife in this area. As I made my way around a turn in the pan, I noticed a dark blurred object in the distance. The blurred object became apparent as I got closer, slowly transforming into an isolated herd of Gemsbok. I proceeded as close as I could. The view of the herd in this vast space became the perfect subject to photograph. This salt pan was a perfect scene to best show the Gemsbok’s iconic behaviour to wander in isolated areas.

I took the photograph as the small herd stood there in the frame, as if lost in their own natural world, a world that continues to survive on very little, but thrives in its own unique biodiversity. When looking at the empty space behind the Gemsbok herd, it allows you to understand how vast this salt pan really is. This framed empty horizon of white makes the herd stand out when mounted on your wall bringing a subject of interest your space.


This print is beautifully presented in a conservation window mount and outlined with a classic black gallery frame. Over this print is a sheet of art glass that protects the print but shows off the photograph’s full potential in a space.

This medium-large print has been created by Fernley to bring the herds unique isolation into perspective as it hangs magnificently on any large space. The black and white photograph also makes a great centre piece for any conference room, hotel room or living space.

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