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C H A R G I N G   B U L L

Bull Elephant, Print

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SIZE: 70cm x 51cm

PRINT TYPE: Giclee Fine Art Print - Canson Platine

FRAME TYPE: Classis Gallery Frame with Art Glass + Conservation Window Mount



On route to the eastern side of Etosha National Park during the rainy season, I found myself getting into an area of the park where large trees grew boldly, making spotting wildlife far more difficult. I knew that large herds of Elephants were regularly seen in the location during this season, so I had to drive carefully. I was keen to get a shot of a charging Elephant showing attitude. After a long search, I began to hear intense vocalisations from a family of Elephants hidden deep in the thick vegetation. I slowly crawled along the edges of the vegetation and arrived at an opening that overlooked the vast Etosha Pan. I relocated my vehicle as I noticed the herd was itching to immerge into the open grassland. The first individual exploded into the open and I captured the shot of a large male Elephant running at full force into the open. The sunlight was exceptionally strong on the body allowing its skin and body formation to create strong contrast in the image.

This print is beautifully presented in a conservation window mount and outlined with a classic black gallery frame. Over this print is a sheet of art glass that protects the print but shows off the photograph’s full potential. The print by Fernley was taken to present the African Elephant’s strength and its physical structure bringing a bold presence to any room.

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