The Two Zebra's , Print

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The Two Zebra's , Print

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SIZE: 75cm x 53cm

PRINT TYPE: Giclee Fine Art Print - Canson Platine

FRAME TYPE: Classis Gallery Frame with Art Glass + Conservation Window Mount



During one early morning in the National Park of Etosha, I found myself driving through the vast plains. As it was early in the year, I was fortunate enough to be in Northern Namibia for the rainy season. The grass stood out tall and large herds flooded the area to feed. Here, I slowly scanned the area in search of interesting interactions from the different herds that invaded the grasslands. After many sightings of Blue Wildebeest, Springbok and Impala, the Burchell’s Zebra seemed began to catch my eye. I noticed a few pairs of Zebra that were interlocking necks, what seems to be an odd behaviour. This action is thought to be a tactical strategy of survival. The emotional position that they held Infront of me is actually a strategy where both Zebras look out for predators as they stand vulnerably in the open plains. I managed to get a close-up shot of this rather interesting behaviour. The result of photograph was the shot I was aiming for, showing the daily struggle for survival captured in this emotional way.

This print is beautifully presented in a conservation window mount and outlined with a classic black gallery frame. Over this print is a sheet of art glass that protects the print but shows off the photograph’s full potential. Fernley has designed this print to bring an African feel to a modern home or empty space. The Zebra in this image however brings an emphasis of emotion and royalty to an area of where the print will hang.

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