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Bats in Motion (Tambopata, Peru)

Deep in the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, trees fall at an extraordinary rate, allowing new ones to grow in their places. As Fernley was trekking through the forest, he came across a completely hollowed out tree fall and decided to take a look inside to see what creepy crawlers may be living in there. What he found was something far better than what he expected. Over 50 bats were residing in the log.  They had made this hollowed out log their home. 

The next day, Fernley gathered his equipment and was on a mission to get photographs of these small fruit bats. He spent hours a day in the log with bugs and spiders crawling all over him to get these amazing photographs. Day after day, Fernley would venture into this log and patiently sit for sometimes up to six hours at a time to get the shots he wanted. 

Bats in Motion

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