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Flies of the Amazon

Here wildlife photographer Mark Fernley from the United Kingdom currently working in the Peruvian Amazon has begun to take his macro photography to the next level. This interesting work is part of a photographic entomology portfolio for the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Here Mark has begun to capture images of flies, the number one insect most people do not want to see. However Mark wanders the vast rainforest and searches for the little critters that fly the mid canopy. Normally a walk through the forest includes the search for the lucid Jaguar, the arboreal life of the Red Howler Monkeys and the photographic search for the Macaws. Here Fernley spends time searching the macro world for flies that lack the focus of most people’s interest in the forest. 

Mark has begun to photograph the insects dismissing the natural background as creating a way to focus on the insect itself. The contemporary white however expresses the feeling of how deforestation in the natural world and the human invasion has forced these insects to live among humans and there been labelled a pest. Mark finds this interesting how a vital group of species naturally designed to help reduce decaying animals therefore cleaning the forest has been viewed as a menace. He has created his fly imagery to get as close as possible to express the human label of how the fly is seen as a monster. He sees the fly not as a monster as they may look in his images, but a sophisticated design of interest.

As you can see, each individual hair of the fly is expressed to overpower and create an effect of the insect’s presence. The compound eyes, the spikes on the legs, the variable colours are all  emphasised with his contemporary white background style.      

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