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Lowland Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

Mark Fernley has been photographing wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon for 7 years now. Working alongside biologists and researchers, Mark is not just a pro when it comes to photography, but his knowledge of the rainforest's biodiversity is beyond exceptional. You will not only have the opportunity to capture amazing wildlife photographs, but you will leave with a much better understanding of the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest.

If you are ready to explore the most bio-diverse place on the planet and show interest in wildlife photography, this workshop is for you. Work with Mark to build a beautiful portfolio of the Amazon Rainforest. 

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Lowland Peruvian Amazon Photography Workshop/Tour


Located deep in the lowland Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, in the heart of Southern Peru you will be taken into some of the most untouched and least explored corners of the Amazon. Located on the Tambopata River, this 11-day photography workshop takes us on an exciting route through forest and along rivers and lakes to observe a plethora of bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, and insect species.

You will starts in the small town of Puerto Maldonado and be taken into the rainforest depths, guided by the professional, award-winning wildlife photographer Mark Fernley who will enhance your photography skills. Photographic opportunities includes wildlife such as the Giant River Otters, the famous Jaguar, Red and green macaws, black spider monkeys, and the large Lowland Tapir to name a few. Here Mark will take you on a journey through the rain-forest depths all the way to the high canopy in search of vast amount of wildlife that thrives in this location.


Available Workshop Dates 2020

August 3rd-13th                &                August 17th-27th

Workshop/Tour Itinerary

DAY 1: 


Arrive in Puerto Maldonado, where your guide will greet you at the airport and provide transportation to Wasai Lodge, overlooking the Madre de Dios River, located in the center of the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado.  The first night will consist of a health and safety briefing and dinner at the finest restaurant in town. 

DAY 2: 

An early start for our three-hour journey to the remote lodge in the rainforest with the largest trail system in the region! Breakfast will be provided by Wasai Lodge, then we set off to the port of River Tambopata where we will travel by boat for three hours. Cameras ready because opportunities for photographs include Capybara, endless bird species, basking Caiman and turtles, and if lucky the famous Jaguar. Later we will arrive at our destination just in time for lunch. 

DAYS  3,4,5: 

These three days will take you into a photographic journey where wildlife is at its prime! An early start at 5am each day! We will take a 30-minute boat ride down river to arrive at a selection of two oxbow lakes that we will visit each morning with our packed breakfast. We will await the vast biodiversity as the sun rises and photograph the Giant River Otters feeding on Yellow Bellied Parana. You will be taught Marks techniques while we use our telephoto lenses to capture stunning action shots of all Amazonian River birds, Caiman, the famous Black Spider Monkeys, Howler Monkeys that thrive the tree-tops, and much more. Return to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch each day, we will quietly set off into the depths of the rainforest in search of Squirrel Monkeys and Red Howler Monkeys and learn the techniques to gain that special shot.

Opportunities during the walk are available to get shots of passing Red and Green Macaws and White-throated Toucans as we are greeted by our friendly, canopy dwelling primates such as the Dusky Titi Monkeys.

We will return in the evenings to watch the sunset over the river. You will have a three-course meal and socialise in the lodge accompanied by the sounds of numerous animals of the nocturnal world.

Each night there will be an optional night walk where Mark will teach you the skills to take night photographs of sleeping birds, frogs, insects and more with and without flash. Learn Marks technique of “painting with light”

DAYS   6&7: 

These two days will be focusing on macro photography. After an early breakfast each day you will go into the forest and learn about getting up close and personal with a macro lens. In this lush and bio-diverse forest, subjects such as monkey frogs, clown faced katydids and the hundreds of species of fungus are a great subject to take your skills of macro photography to the next level.

After lunch, you will be taken through a critique/group discussion on your images taken on each day. Shortly after, you will be taken deep into the forest to carry on with a macro photo shoot based you the critique.

As sun sets each day, we will take a sunset boat trip up the Tambopata River in search of Puma and Caiman.

After Dinner, optional night walks will continue, but on these two nights, macro night photography will be included. Frogs will thrive and macro photo opportunities will be endless. 

DAY 8: 


This day will involve trekking through this vast biodiverse forest and getting to the lookout tower where we will spend most of the morning getting close to the canopy dwelling rainforest birds such as Aracaris, Macaw’s and if lucky the famous Harpy Eagle. We will later return for lunch and identify the birds and other species seen at the canopy tower. Afternoon will be a walk through the forest before dark. After dinner, an optional night walk is available to increase your night photography skills.

DAYS   9&10: 

The last two days will be spent out at the hide very close to a macaw claylick on the edge of the vast Tambopata River. Here you will get a chance to spend the last couple of days to photograph the red and green macaws along with parakeets in a hide. Get tutored by Mark to obtain that perfect shot along with biological information about this natural wonder. Optional trips can be sorted to suit your perfect Amazon Rainforest photography trip of a lifetime.

DAY 11: 


After an early breakfast, you will be taken on a three-hour boat journey down river. There will be photographic opportunities of Tapir, Capybara and Jaguar. Sightings of the famous Jaguar at this time of year are very high so camera ready. We will return to the local Amazonian community next to Puerto Maldonado. From there, we will be transferred to lunch where the workshop/tour will come to an end. Transportation will be provided for hotel/airport/bus station transfers for this day and the following day.

Recommended Equipment to Bring: 


SLR body

 telephoto lens 400 or 600

macro lens

wide angle lens


 tripod (can be provided if necessary -limited amount)

Tour Includes: 


Airport pick-up/drop off

transportation to hotel

Lunch & dinner on day of arrival (depending on time of arrival)

Hotel on day of arrival

Accommodation at the lodge

bedding, sheets, mosquito nets

3 meals a day (day 2-10) 

Breakfast and lunch on day 11

clean drinking water, coffee, tea, fresh juice, snacks

Running water

Electricity: morning,  afternoon, and 5pm-9:30pm

All transportation

Tour Excludes:


All international/domestic flights

soda at the lodge

alcoholic beverages at the lodge

hotel of choice on day 11

dinner on day 11

For Pricing:


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