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Internships & Volunteer Programs

Are you trying to jump start you wildlife photography career? Or maybe build a portfolio? The Amazon Rainforest is the perfect place to start! Mark Fernley is currently searching for interns to join Untamed Photography that are passionate about wildlife research and conservation and are ready to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet! Build a portfolio, spread awareness of wildlife and rainforest conservation and learn from the best!

Workshops & Tours

Are you looking for something specific? Mark Fernley hosts workshops and tours for people looking to photograph specific subjects in Peru. Some of Untamed Photography's workshops include the following: Giant River Otter Photography, Lowland Peruvian Amazon Photography, Mammals of the Rainforest Photography, Macro Photogrpahy, and more.

Looking for something else, contact Mark Fernley by filling out the form below to make a customized itinerary!

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Mark A Fernley

British Wildlife Photographer