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About The Photographer

Wildlife Photographer Mark A Fernley has been capturing the movements and actions of African wildlife for many long and exciting years. From open plains, into rainforests, and through vast bushlands, Fernley has captured it all. During his wildlife photographic career, he has been involved in many photography and filming projects including Netflix productions and National Geographic publications. His remarkable images and videography continue to impress the public and raise awareness for the protection and survival of African wildlife.


For many years, Africa has been a grand home for Fernley, as he travels from country to country documenting the behaviours of African wildlife and recording their interactions and personalities frame by frame. He has explored many different areas of Africa ranging from the high Gorilla forests of Uganda down to the flat desert plains of Namibia where wildlife thrives. He has spent plenty of his time with conservation teams in Botswana, making his passion to photograph and protect wildlife even stronger. His knowledge of Southern and Central African wildlife brings a unique feel to the photo safaris he leads, along with the photographic knowledge that he provides here with Untamed Photo Safaris.

His Photographic Safaris


As a wildlife photographer, Fernley has been eager to teach others and help his photography guests gain the images they desire for their portfolios. His development of Untamed Photo Safaris was the key to expanding his way of teaching and bringing others together who share a passion for wildlife photography. The goal was and still is to help his clients gain exciting and memorable images while experiencing wildlife in untouched parts of the world. As his guided wildlife photo tours carry on, he continues to enjoy helping beginner and novice photographers capture images of wildlife in their natural state along with offering biological facts of each species.


Suppose you are looking to go on a photographic safari. In that case, Mark A Fernley is a fantastic and enthusiastic photo host who has helped many of his guests capture striking images and provide them with photographic knowledge of a professional level. Not only will Fernley provide you with a great photographic service, but he will make sure that his guests return with a memorable and enjoyable trip to remember.

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