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Mark Fernley wildlife photographer



British Wildlife Photographer and guide Mark A Fernley has been traveling the world with his camera for as long as he could remember. Mark has thrived in creating vast bodies of images that best represents each location he explores.


He has become involved with many environmental projects across the planet and focuses on conservation with his photography and through his wildlife photo safari company known as "Untamed Photo Safaris". He has spent many years living in various remote parts of the world such as the Amazon Rainforest, Central America, Southern and Central Africa where his work has flourished reaching many publications. Fernley's images and videography material has reached many magazines throughout his career including National Geographic, Wildlife Photographic Magazine and Wild Planet Photo Magazine to name a few.

     Fernley’s portfolio continues to expand each day as he travels from country to country photographing the wild wonders and learning about the conservation issues that our planet is facing.

His Macro Wildlife Photography

When it comes down to rainforests in Central and South America, Mark has spent many years photographing the wildlife of the macro world in these parts. From close ups of venomous snakes accompanied with flash and natural lighting, to close-up images of insect eyes, Mark Fernley provides a vast portfolio of the macro world in all ideas possible.

Land of the Giants, Mark Fernley

As Fernley explored further into the harsh environments of Africa, his imagery became more apparent to express Africa’s wildlife in its struggle for survival. His focus was the subject of large mammals surviving in desert environments where his images would express the hardship of their survival.  He also would photograph endangered species in Central Africa and India while admiring their struggle in their natural environment.


Untamed Photo Safaris

Along with his freelance work, Fernley has developed Untamed Photo Safaris, a wildlife photography workshop/tour company that brings wildlife photographers of all levels to get the shots they desire while experiencing a trip of a lifetime!

Mark quotes “I began Untamed Photo Safaris in 2014 where my focus was to take wildlife photographers, professional and non-professionals into the rainforest to capture those images they would require. As a keen nature enthusiast, I would also educate my guests with biological information on the species seen on my photo workshops/tours and provide photographic knowledge to help them gain those professional images.” From here Mark expanded the UK company from Peru to an astonishing worldwide operation to help bring those interested in wildlife photography, into the hotspots of the natural world across Africa.


 Ranked 2nd in the prestigious Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition (2007)

National Geographic: (2018)


The Daily Mail: (2018)

The Metro: (2018)


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