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     British Wildlife Photographer Mark Fernley, age 29, has been traveling the world since he was just a young boy. At the age of 14, he was on a family vacation when reality sunk in. In the everglades of Florida, he fell in love with Wildlife Photography. His first subject: a mother alligator with hatchlings sunbathing on her head and neck. Something about this moment would changed this young man’s life forever. Since then, he has focused his career on wildlife photography working with conservation organizations around the world.


     This has allowed Fernley to not just grow as a photographer, but he has had the honor to work first-hand with conservation specialist and biologist from all over the world. 

     At age 18, Fernley set off to Botswana to work with a conservation group that was studying the migration patterns of elephants in the area. After four years of studying elephants and photographing everything that came his way, he decided to move on to a new location. 

     Costa Rica was next on his agenda where he spent time working on the coast with sea turtles and other wildlife in the area. He then ventured down to South America where he currently lives in the lowland Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Fernley has been working with multiple different conservation agencies for the past six years in the Amazon Rainforest, promoting wildlife conservation and awareness around the world. 


     Within recent years, Fernley has stamped his name all over the web with some of his unique photography projects including:  Macro Photography of insects, Scales of the Amazon, Bats in Motion, and his most publicized project, the Mirror Image Stimulation Study (M.I.S.S.) that focuses on the competitive recognition of Neotropical Big Cats in the lowland Peruvian Amazon.

     Fernley has had a very successful career as a Wildlife Photographer. At age 18, Fernley placed 2nd in the infamous international Shell Wildlife Photographer of the year competition. Since, Fernley has been published in National Geographic, The Daily Mail, and he has been on the BBC radio.

Accomplishments / Publications

 Ranked 2nd in the prestigious Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition (2007)

National Geographic: (2018)

The Daily Mail: (2018)

The Metro: (2018)

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