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Fina Art print  Hippo.jpg

Look Into My Eyes
Lone Male Hippopotamus photographed in low light on the side of the Chobe River, Botswana.

lion print b&w.jpg

Calling Male Lion 
Young male photographed making his way along the side of the Chobe River, Botswana, towards his pride. The shot was taken to capture the physical structure of this lions body as he slowly strolled in the short grass in the open.   

The Great Yawn

A monster Hippopotamus photographed in the heart of the Cobango River located in the Caprivi strip, Namibia. After sailing the river photographing many other Hippo, Elephant and thousands of river birds, this stunning individual exploded out of the calm but dangerous waters.

As if in slow motion, a large body of grey mass bolted straight into the air where its gaping mouth opened in the most remarkable way. While grunts and low vocal screams were made, i got the shot that truly expressed the magnificent oral and dental structure of this lone Hippopotamus.

This black and white photograph truly brings the body to life. With an over exposed background, and a strongly textured subject, this print truly brings out the best of the magnificent Hippopotamus and makes a fantastic wall print.


Black Rhinoceros
Facing the hard environments of North Namibia, this Rhino with a stunning set of horns was photographed rising up to a lone Wildebeest before chasing it over Etosha's Pan.

Cape Buffalo.jpg

Horns of Magnificence


The great horns of the Cape Buffalo photographed in the harsh and dry grasses of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. As a strong beam of sun shone over the herd and towards this individual, the horns and head become a center piece that eluminates the frame, showing its unique structure.

Two Burchell's Zebras come together as one forming this rather intermit position located in the open plains of Etosha National Park, Namibia. Zebras tend to do this as a form of defence. Each zebra will actually look over each others shoulder to look out for predators while wresting in the open plains under the heat of the day. 

The Bond


360 Lookout, Burchell's Zebra, Botswana - Mark A Fernley
buffalo black and white.jpg

In the dry heat of the day of Chobe National Park located in the very North East of Botswana, a lone bull Cape Buffalo comes to the waters edge to drink. Capturing the dry mud in contrast to the wet fur on this individual almost brings a story of struggle to the image. The illuminated horns bring an emphasis of power to the frame making the image stand out from others.  

Thirsty Cape Buffalo

Savannah elephant 1.jpg

A Lone Giant
Large African Bull Elephant walks silently through the open and dry plains of Etosha National Park, Namibia. The photograph was taken to really express the vast space of nothingness that isolates these remarkable animals. With such a shallow depth of field, this image almost suspends the Elephant in mid air.  

This suspended Lions head of light truly brings out the power of this stunning predator. Located in the very North of Botswana, this individual was photographed in the low light as he was wresting with his pride. For many days I searched for this individual whom had been on the hunt away from any visible access. I photographed this stunning male when he emerged out of the thickets. As his head moved into the light, I got the shot as his eye made contact with the lens. By darkening the image edges slightly, I was able to suspend the the head to fully express the magnificence of the male.

Male Lion Portrait


lion portrait black and white.jpg
savannah elephant 2.jpg

The floating Giant
A Majestic African Giant slowly moves through the tall grasses aside the magnificent great salt pan of Etosha National Park, Namibia. Before the photograph was taken, I had followed this old giant for two days, watching him drink from various waterholes and walk for miles at a time. 

zebra 3 black and white.jpg

Located in the heat of Etosha National Park, one Zebra is photographed as if hiding from the lens. 

Zabras Mane


Ghost Elephant photographed in the open grasses of Etosha. The image was photographed to show off this wonderful individual's skin textures in contrast to to the soft and isolated background. This individual is one of my personal favourites to photograph in Etosha and has provided my camera with numerous angles and stories on which to photograph.

Isolated Giant


savannah elephant 3.jpg
Etosha zebra black and white.jpg

The Waterhole
Burchell's Zebra herd photographed at the waterhole of Okaukuejo, Etosha National park, Namibia. This shot was taken to express the maze of stripes that occurred during this drinking frenzy close to the main gate of Etosha.  

pregnant hippo black and white.jpg

The magnificent hippopotamus photographed on the Ishasha River, Uganda. This large and pregnant female located on the Kongo DRC, was photographed in the national park of Queen Elizabeth, Uganda. The angle of which I was to the Hippo just had to be photographed as it almost creates a spherical mass resembling the size of these animals. 

The Mighty Hippo


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